Get up this morning, throw on my skin
Don’t talk about it, out as quick as I am in
Go out to lunch, eyes on my phone
The subtle art of blending in, standing out, and being alone

The more …

Keep it On

Breathing in and breathing out
Take it all in, don’t stop now
Time was always running out
But now it’s running over you
Feel the rush, endorphins rise
Nothing matters, open eyes
Remember rhythm is inside
Forget the chaos in …

It’s a Crime

Feeling the itch of a small town
I guess tonight I’m gonna run around
I was trying to hold out
Like a politician waiting for his next payout

A couple calls, a couple messages
and I’m possessing it, I’m running …


Two talking heads
tugging on our strings.
learning how to sing.

You must be afraid
You must not engage
Voices in your head

We go to bed,
they’re in our sheets.
They’re over your shoulder
and under your feet.…

Pillar of Salt

I say the words, they float away
They don’t hold much weight
Cuz what they mean doesn’t show
You better let them go
Or they will let you down

The fire falls
Pillar of salt

I close the door and …

The Spins

The room is full already
But there’s people walking in
Eyes seem so unsteady like
There’s no more room in here

Feel the friction, feel it set in
Now the floor is bending
Losing focus, we’re so heavy
Or are …

No Black Hole

You’ve got one thing, I’ve got another
I’m thinking maybe we should help each other
Work a little less, make a little more
What else is it for?
You’re either dying young or living to be poor

When we get …